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Leader in lava stone for kitchens in the province of Catania

Tecnoart processes lava stone in Biancavilla, in the province of Catania. The company has state-of-the-art machinery and highly skilled and qualified personnel. This allows the company to guarantee products and services with a high standard of quality. The company also offers customized products. Tecnoart is a leader in the processing of lava stone and basalt from Etna. Products are made with a variety of  purposes and concepts.
Flooring with non-slip dot finishing and sinusoidal benches with lava stone.
sega che taglia dei blocchi di marmo

Extraction of quarry stone

Tecnoart deals extracts stones directly from the quarry. Stones are selected carefully and evaluated for quality and adaptability. The company uses innovative mining techniques, which are displayed in this gallery.

Cold cutting of blocks

After extraction, the next step is to cut the blocks. This is the most important step. The semi-finished products resulting from this phase will form the basis of the subsequent work to be performed for final delivery to the customer. Tecnoart employs cold cutting technology, which can be used on all materials and guarantees maximum precision and greater freedom when it comes to design and shapes.
un grande blocco di marmo
dei blocchi di marmo e una scala in ferro

Manual or mechanical processing

Tecnoart processes lava stone manually as well as mechanically. Production takes place in Biancavilla, in the province of Catania. Craftsmanship is carried out by highly qualified staff who are able to satisfy our customers' every need. Here you can see some images of Tecnoart's processing.
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