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Stairs and lava stone tables in Croce Vallone also

Tecnoart is a company specialized in lava stone processing, Etna basalt, natural stones and other materials. Based in Biancavilla, in the province of Catania, the company is a leader in the production of high-volume lava slabs and typical floorings. Mr. Salvatore Ventura, the owner of the company, has been working for several years in the industry and has inherited the passion for this job and his professional skills from his father. The company is also able to provide customized solutions to satisfy any possible customer request. The text below describes see the company's achievements and the various stages of the production process.


On this page you will see a series of work done by Tecnoart srl of Biancavilla, in the province of Catania. In particular you will find images of fountains, work done with lava stone and basalt, funerary art, customized pieces for individual homes, columns, and a number other masterpieces created by Tecnoart.

Production process

Tecnoart srl is a company based in Biancavilla, in the province of Catania, which has been operating for a long time in the lava stone, marble and basalt processing industry of Etna. In the gallery you will find a number of images showing the entire production process: from the quarry stone extraction to the cold cutting of the extracted block, which then becomes the basis for Tecnoart's expert and skilled artisans to satisfy their clients' orders. All Tecnoart's products are valuable and made to satisfy every possible need. The company is at the customer's disposal at all times when it comes to the manufacturing of custom products.
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